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DEQUENNE CHIMIE S.A., an innovative company founded in 2007, is a member of the family-owned chemicals group DEQUENNE, whose operating headquarters are situated at Ghlin, a town near Mons in Belgium.

An enterprising Spin-Off with ISO 9001 certification, Dequenne Chimie specialises in the manufacture of high-purity aluminas, sols and dispersible and/or activated boehmites for use in various applications, such as catalysers, abrasives and paper coatings. Dequenne Chimie also specialises in the sale of chemical products and in the production of a solution used for the desulphurisation of coke oven gas (Stretford process).  

Its products are now used by the biggest players in Chemicals and are exported throughout the world.

Anxious to ensure the consistent quality and competitiveness of its products and services, Dequenne Chimie continues to invest every day in the development of new manufacturing capabilities, while maintaining its commitment to environmental protection.   

Having built up a dynamic, flexible team, Dequenne Chimie is today recognised as a reliable and forward-looking supplier by a number of industrial producers. In this context, the participation of IMBC (Invest Mons-Borinage Centre) in our corporate capital is also a guarantee of the commitment and long-term future of the company.  

Dr Jacques Dequenne

CEO - Founder

Philippe Delaunois

Chairman - Managing Director


Photographie © Vincent Parmentier et Benoît Bouchez

Vidéo © CQFD Image